Chocolate poop for Valentine's Day...

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It's going to be a bit nicer than yesterday with a high of 10C and a mix of sun and clouds today. Then we can expect more of the same on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is looking like rain and then it'll get cold again and we may get some snow on Friday and Saturday.

Valentine’s Day can be tough. If you really want to show your appreciation for your significant other, what can you possibly get them that will symbolize your true feelings? Flowers? Lame. A box of chocolates? Boring.

How about chocolate versions of things… from inside the human body?

That’s most likely the thought process that went into Japanese novelty store Village Vanguard putting out some new products in preparation for Valentine’s Day: chocolate organ and poop silicone molds.

▼ Chocolate intestines, stomachs, hearts, brains and lungs.
Oh honey, you shouldn’t have… really!


▼ They’re selling a silicone mold so that you can make organ candies, jellies,
chocolates and more just by pouring into the shapes and freezing it.


Village Vanguard recommends using strawberry chocolate for maximum realistic effect...

But maybe your Valentine’s Day sweetie pie isn’t into things that stay inside the body. Maybe they’d prefer something that… comes out, instead.

Well no worries because Village Vanguard has your back for that too, with chocolate poop silicone molds as well in two sizes.

▼ “I made this just for you!”
Is something you could say after giving the gift of a poop cake, which is from the larger sized mold…


▼ Or you could buy both sizes and combine them for
a wonderful Valentine’s Day poop picnic!


If you can’t wait to spring some chocolate organs or poops onto your loved ones (or your “obligation chocolate” enemies), then you can order them online at Village Vanguard’s website. The organs are Y1,296 and the poops are Y972.

I know I said in an earlier blog that I wouldn't be eating chocolate this year, but if I were to get poop or intestines chocolate, how could I resist?! Ha ha!, I'm just kidding...I'm still not eating chocolate till after the Kumamoto Marathon.

Have a great day!

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