Lotteria is getting the jump on spring

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Well, we got a little rain yesterday a bit earlier than I expected. But the good news is that it stopped before I headed for home. The other piece of good news is that they are no longer calling for snow for the next four days. In fact, they are now saying we can expect some rain today which will clear up around lunchtime. Then they are saying we can expect cloudy weather tomorrow, snow on Saturday and clouds again on Sunday before clearing up on Monday. Friday and Saturday will be the coldest days of the week with daytimes around 5C, but by Tuesday, it'll be back up to around 13C.

As we head out of winter and move towards the warmer months of the year, fast food chains around the country are starting to shake off their warming winter menus and swap them for lighter, pink-hued collections that resemble the sakura cherry blossoms of spring.

Lotteria is one of the first to show off their spring menu, and this year, there’s a lot to love about the pink-coloured collection. First up there are a variety of drinks that take inspiration form the colour of the cherry blossoms, including a Milk Pudding Strawberry Shake, which is set to retail for Y360.


Two other beverages use Tochigi Prefecture’s famous Tochi Otome variety of strawberries as their star ingredient: the Tochiotome Iced Latte (left, Y280) and the carbonated Strawberry Soda (right, Y280).


▼ Rounding off the drink collection is a hot strawberry-flacoured Tochiotome Latte.


And for those of you who noticed that while these drinks may look sakura-like but taste nothing like a cherry blossom, Lotteria throws in something to sweeten the deal: the Sakura Mochi Mochi An Pie (Y180). Filled with a sweet red bean paste using beans sourced from Hokkaido Prefecture, the pie packs a punch with an aromatic and flavoursome chewy crust made from cherry blossoms.


And for a main meal option, Lotteria is offering up the Sakura Ebi Tartar Prawn Burger for Y380. Sakura Ebi are tiny shrimp that take on a pink colour when dried, and here they’re used as the star ingredient in a thick and creamy tartar sauce. Underneath the sauce is a delicious fried prawn patty covered with plenty of good-quality panko breadcrumbs. The burger is finished off with two plump buns, which have been blended with cherry blossom extract to provide the delicious taste and look of spring.


The new spring items go on sale at Lotteria outlets around the country from February 15th. While the drinks and sweets will be on sale until April 10th, the burger will only be on sale until March 15th so be sure to stop by soon for a taste of spring!

Speaking personally, none of these are particularly tempting. I'm sure I'll give the Sakura pie a try, but that's about it. How about you? Do you see anything on the menu that you want to try?

Have a great day!

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