Kumamoto Marathon

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like today is going to be mostly rainy, but it may stop raining later this evening. Tomorrow is looking nice and then we can expect rain again on Wednesday and Thursday. The end of the week and the weekend will be sunny and cool.

I finished the marathon, but it certainly wasn't easy. It was too hot for me...again. And I injured my knee around the 35km mark. Until then, I was doing great after that...no comment.

I was surprised that the race actually ended up on the Kumamoto Castle grounds. I figured they would have been off-limits. And, of course, some areas were closed to the public. Before going to Kumamoto I remembered reading somewhere that it was going to take around 20 years to finish all the repairs and thought that was really long. Then, I saw all the damage and am wondering if they will even be able to finish it in that amount of time. In the news, they showed images of stones being lined up and numbered to get ready for the rebuild, but there are a lot of places where they haven't even touched the fallen stones. The scale of the disaster was far bigger than I imagined from scenes I saw on tv last year.

It's kind of lucky that there was a foreshock (in case you don't remember, Kumamoto was hit by a foreshock of 6.8 and then two days later was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of around 8). Because of the foreshock, thousands of people were evacuated and I'm sure that is one of the reasons why the death toll was so low. If you saw the devastation for yourself, you'd know what I mean.

Anyway, on to happier things. I finished the race and got changed and then walked around for a bit and then we went out for dinner. We had 'basashi' last night and it was great! I never would have imagined eating horse meat in my life and I never would have imagined actually enjoying it. We went to a restaurant that is popular with locals (not tourists) and I have to say, it was amazing! We also had 'karashi renkon' which tastes better in Kumamoto then it does as a souvenir. It was also delicious!

But now that I think about it, I had just run a marathon and was starving. I'm sure anything would have tasted great...even natto...ha ha!

Today, I'll be taking it easy and packing for my trip to Cebu. Make sure you keep warm and dry!

Have a great day!

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