I'm back!!!

Good morning everyone,

We're looking at nice weather for the next couple of days before clouds roll in on Wednesday and we may see some rain on Thursday. Friday and the weekend are looking warm and sunny with daytime highs in the mid teens.

I guess you were lost about how to check the weather over the past 4 or 5 days, eh? Ha ha!

Well, let me start off by saying that there were a few glitches to my trip at the beginning, but the holiday was great overall.

About the blog thing...many of you may not have noticed, but I couldn't write my blog while I was in Cebu. On one hand, the fact that we have the technology to make it even possible is amazing-there's no way we could have imagined 20 years ago being able to connect to the internet almost anywhere in the world. And there's no way we could have imagined that we'd have a tablet that was light enough to throw in our suitcase and take with us wherever we went. But we now have that technology. So, what happened this time?

To be honest, I have no idea. First of all, I tried to log in to my blog writing site and they sent me a message saying that they wanted me to add a code as an extra layer of security because I was logging in from a new location. Fair enough, right? I appreciate that they want to keep my blog protected. So, they sent the code to my Hotmail address and I went to Hotmail to get it.

However, Hotmail gave me the same message. I couldn't log in to my Hotmail account and they sent a code to my 'second' address to ensure the security of my account. Again, it was much appreciated. Unfortunately, the account they sent it to was my school account and I can only access it from my laptop at school...so, I fretted and stressed about it...I had never missed a day of blogging since my school started...but then I said 'to heck with it'. There was no way I was going to fix it in Cebu and I was on holiday in a warm, sunny place that was only 5 metres from the beach and the beach was full of bikini clad women. And, on top of that, there was a bar with cheap beer between the hotel and the beach-I think I was in paradise! I wasn't going to let something little like not being able to connect to Hotmail (although it seemed BIG at that moment) ruin my holiday in paradise. Ha ha!

As for my holiday...

Well, that's another story!

Have a great day!

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