Cebu Island Trip: Being there

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like we can expect another nice day today with a high of around 12C and mostly sunny skies. Tomorrow is still calling for rain, but the rest of the week and into the weekend should be warm and sunny.

Kind of like my holiday was...every day was around 30C and it only rained on the first day. And, actually, it rained only in the morning and evening. The middle of the day was warm and sunny.

That day we decided to go shopping in Cebu City at one of the shopping malls there. It was huge. Like bigger than any mall in Hiroshima by a long shot. It was modern and clean too. But, like most malls, it was a pain in the butt to get to if you don't have a car. Luckily, our hotel offered a free shuttle bus to the mall and it was great. Well, except for one thing...did I mention yesterday about how bad the traffic was?'s bad. If you ever go to Cebu, do whatever you can to avoid going through the city. It's like permanent gridlock.

We found a good restaurant in the mall and had a couple of Philippine dishes-one was called 'sisig' and the other was 'lechon'.

cebu sisig 

cebu lechon
Both of them were good-although I definitely recommend getting the egg topping on the sisig-I couldn't imagine eating it without one. Most importantly, we also found San Miguel Light. It's a local beer that tastes great, is 5% alcohol and only has 100kcal per bottle! If you ever go to the Philippines, I recommend a San Mig Light as the locals call it.

It's a bit funny. In the Philippines, they have their own national language called Tagalog that they generally use when they speak to each other, but almost every shop sign in the country is written in English, even shops used only by locals. I didn't run into anyone who couldn't speak English-even the guy who came to our room to fix our A/C spoke English well.

The next day was spent snorkelling all day-we went to another part of the island to go 'whale shark watching'. It was amazing! They were so close that one actually bumped into me! And they are huge! The guide said that they were kind of babies, but they were about the size of a small the Bon-Bus here in Nishihiroshima! I couldn't even get one in a picture. Every time I took a picture, it was only part of it. I guess I'll have to try and piece together all the pictures I took to get one complete photo...ha ha!

After that, we went to a coral reef and did some more snorkelling and saw lots of tropical fish and hung out on a small white sandy beach surrounded by aqua blue waters. It was also pretty amazing. It was easily the best day. And, yes, I got sunburnt. Despite lathering on sunscreen, I turned into Larry the Lobster...again. I don't know when this happened...when i was younger, I was never this sensitive to the sun. Is it because I'm getting older, because the sun is getting stronger, or maybe because I just don't get as much sun here in Japan as I used to back home? I'm not sure which one...

The next day was more snorkelling near the beach around our hotel...there were a lot of fish there actually.

Ahh...there are so many more stories to tell...but I don't want to bore you with them.

Have a great day!

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