Battle against sugar...I'm losing...

Good morning everyone,

Today and tomorrow are looking pretty chilly with daytime highs around 9C, but it should start to warm up from Thursday and by the weekend, we'll be back to highs of 15C or 16C and mostly sunny weather all week.

Here are some causes of those cravings and some ways to help fight those 'sugar cravings' that you get...

1. Your hormones love sugar
When you’re hungry, gut hormones like glucagon-like peptide, ghrelin, and insulin basically beg you to acquire energy from food. “These hormones are secreted by your stomach and bowels and send signals to your brain that control your hunger, cravings, and how full you feel after a meal,” says Michael Russo, M.D., a surgeon at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.

Sugars like glucose and fructose are like gasoline—they burn up fast to give you a burst of energy. If you eat too much sugar, you become accustomed to these quick hits of energy, and you just want more and more.

Your move: Build your meals and snacks around slower digesting fuel sources like proteins. “If eating sweets is like throwing newspaper on the fire, protein is like a log,” Dr. Russo says. Your hormones will then send signals to your brain to help you feel more satisfied with the amount and type of food you’re eating. This leads to fewer cravings for the quick burning sweets.

2. Your brain is programmed to use glucose as fuel.
The brain uses glucose for fuel 95 percent of the time. The other 5 percent comes from glutamine, an amino acid, says Craig Koniver, M.D. You might crave sugar because your brain is low on glucose, spurring a biological drive to acquire more.

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