Having a hanami party? You need these!

Good morning everyone,

They're calling for spring-like weather for the next three or four days-daytime highs will be in the mid-teens and it'll be a mix of sun and clouds. But from Tuesday, it's going to cool down and we'll see highs back to around 11C or so...in case you were wondering, 13.7C is the average high for this time of year and 4.3C is the average overnight low. So, if you feel like it's been colder than usual this year...you're right.

While everyone is excited about Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms getting ready to open their petals, the flowers are arguably at their most enchanting when they’re falling off the branches of the trees on which they grow. As they flutter gracefully down to earth, tossed about by the wind, it’s like being enveloped in a soft pink snowstorm, and it’s one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

Now there’s a way for us mere humans to recreate that situation. Japanese paper goods company Speaker has begun to produce a line of decorative party crackers, with the most distinctly Japanese of the bunch being the Design Cracker Sakura.

Pull the string attached to the cone, and you’ll hear the typical pop, but instead of ordinary confetti or streamers, the Design Cracker Sakura sprays forth a shower of illustrated cherry blossoms and petals.

If you’re looking for other types of seasonal flair, the rest of Speaker’s Design Cracker lineup consists of fallen leaves (for autumn), snow (winter, naturally), and raindrops (perhaps to represent Japan’s humid summer).

The sakura crackers can be purchased through online retailer Rakuten here, priced at Y486 for a pack of four (the other designs are Y540 each). They should be just the thing to add a bit of timely impact to your seasonal get-togethers, or you could just buy a stock to keep in reserve so that you can relive sakura season after the infamously short-lived flowers are gone.

Sound tempting? I don't know about you, but I'd like to have a couple in reserve just in case I either miss hanami season or I'm feeling bored and blue in the middle of the summer and want some cheering up...

Have a great day!

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