Countdown to April 24th

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be nice the rest of the week with daytime highs slowly climbing and getting up to 18C by Sunday. Overnight lows will remain chilly though-we can expect the mercury to drop down every night to somewhere between 3C and 5C until the beginning of next week.

If, like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about desserts, there’s a question that might keep you up at night as you struggle to find a definitive answer for it. Specifically, should cream puffs be considered food or beverages?

Conventional wisdom would say that cream puffs are obviously food, since they’re flaky pastries that you can hold in your fingers. But try thinking outside the box, or, rather, inside the puff. What we’re really after when we’re craving cream puffs is that sweet, sweet cream.

And so Japanese food and beverage company Nagatanien has hit upon the brilliant idea of teaming up with popular cream puff chain Beard Papa to create the Beard Papa Drinkable Cream Puff canned beverage.

The production process isn’t as simple as just cracking open a few Beard Papa cream puffs and letting their contents drip into the cans, however. That would be too thick to easily drink, and so the beverage, which is served chilled, is inspired by, though not entirely identical, to the fillings of Beard Papa’s baked treats.

But make no mistake, this is a dessert beverage, as opposed to a thirst-quencher. Nagatanien says it expects the Drinkable Cream Puff to be a big hit with male customers who’re feeling just a bit hungry or looking for some quick and sweet refreshment.

The beverage is priced at Y130 a can, which actually makes it cheaper than its Beard Papa cream puff source material. The Drinkable Cream Puff will first be available inside select JR East rail stations, starting March 21, ahead of an April 24 nationwide rollout.

I'm already counting down the days!

Have a great day!

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