Are you a virgin-killer?

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Well, will it rain on Wednesday? It still looks like it will, but who knows? They are still saying that we can expect highs all week around 20C or so and mostly nice weather will last till the middle of the week.

Have you heard of the 'virgin-killing sweater'? Apparently, it's so sexy and revealing that if a virgin guy sees a woman wearing one, he'll die from a heart attack. Although, when I saw the pictures, I would guess that it would probably work on fathers if they saw their daughters wearing these sweaters too. Roughly two months after discovering the “virgin-killing sweater,” Japan’s fascination with the revealing garment is as strong as ever. Helping to extend its time in the spotlight are the numerous cosplayers and models, of both genders, who have taken to sharing photos of themselves wearing the sweater, which have been met with much appreciation from those who didn’t collapse and die from the excitement of so much exposed flesh.

▼ Popular model Jun Amaki wearing the virgin-killing sweater

But while the virgin-killing sweater has struck a chord with Japanese fans of fashion and/or breasts, the earliest example came from China, and had to be ordered through Chinese online marketplace Taobao. But, fear not those of us who are living in Japan!  Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard  recently let Japanese shoppers know that it would begin selling Taobao’s virgin-killing sweater through its online shop.

▼ The virgin-killing sweater, as seen on Village Vanguard’s website

Priced at 5,000 yen, Village Vanguard’s virgin-killing sweater isn’t prohibitively expensive, but the bigger question was whether or not the minimal coverage of the sweater might lead to limited sales-everyone knows Japanese women are too shy for that sweater, right? Wrong! That turned out to not be a problem at all, though. Word came that Village Vanguard would be selling the sweater on March 23, and on the very next day, March 24, the online store’s stock was already sold out.

Not wanting to leave its customers’ fashion needs unfulfilled, Village Vanguard says it will be restocking the sweaters. As such, shoppers can’t currently place an order for the item through Village Vanguard’ site, but they can request an email notification of when new shipments come. There’s no indication of when said shipments will come in, but considering how quickly the first batch sold out, interested shoppers who are timid about placing an order once the restock becomes available may be left without one of the bold sweaters once again-and this time in a variety of colors, you know, just in case you wanted to wear those sweaters every day...I might get one for myself...ha ha!

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