This year for Mother's Day, I'm getting my mom these...

Good morning everyone,

We're definitely going to get rained on this morning on the way to work, but it should ease up and stop raining sometime around noon. The rest of the week is looking nice, with daytime highs in the low 20s and mostly sunny skies.

Japan celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day as we do back home, which this year will be May 14. With just a few weeks left between now and then, loving children are thinking about what to get mom as a present, and one company has a very…unusual suggestion.

While carnations are associated with Mother’s Day in other countries as well, the connection is iron-clad in Japan. So for those who haven’t gotten a gift for Mom yet, Kyoto-based Wacoal suggests these.

Elegantly and individually wrapped, what mother wouldn’t be deeply touched to receive these from her son or daughter? Actually, that’s not a rhetorical question, and the answer is “Any mom who doesn’t want her kids buying panties for her.”

See, Wacoal isn’t a florist. It’s a lingerie maker (the same one that recently polled women about their “showdown lingerie”). So while those may look like carnations, they’re actually carefully rolled, folded, and packaged panties.

Officially called the “Pants Flower” series, some solace can be taken in that Wacoal chose a decidedly conservative, non-sexy design for the lineup. If you absolutely feel the need to give your mom some intimate apparel as a present, well, this is probably the most appropriate style to go with.

And if giving panties isn't awkward enough, it's going to get really, really weird when she stops to read the packaging, which has “UNDERWEAR is LOVELETTER” written across it.

Aside from folding the panties to resemble carnations, the fabric is actually colored with dye extracted from the traditional Mother’s Day flowers, adding just a tiny bit of logic to this rather unorthodox gift idea.

The Pants Flowers series is priced at 1,296 yen a pair, meaning that even if you baffle your mom with your present selection, you at least might be able to impress her with your frugality. All three colors can be ordered here directly from Wacoal, in medium or large sizes (apparently the company is confident your mom isn’t svelte enough for a small).

Ahhh...look, I try to think that I'm open-minded-'different strokes for different folks', right? But seriously, can anyone name one mother in the world who would be happy to receive underwear from their children for Mother's Day? That is about as awkward of a present as I can imagine...

For me...yeah, I think I'll be sticking with the gift of boring, but safe, flowers this year.

Have a great day!

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