So, about LECT...

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like the next two days will be really nice and then it'll be rainy on Saturday before turning nice again for Sunday and Monday.

Well, I went against my better judgement and headed to LECT yesterday. It was crowded-this is Hiroshima after all...where anything new is crowded as hell for the first 3-5 months before it drops off to more livable levels (and sometimes closes up shop and disappears within a year).

So, how was it, you definitely lives up to its promise to be different from other shopping malls. There are tons of places to sit and have a rest outside of the food court and the T-site area is pretty modern looking too. There are tons of different kinds of restaurants, but I didn't go to any of them because there were huge line-ups, but I'm sure I'll check out a few of them once things slow down.

And, they do have a ton of shops that are different from other shopping malls. As usual, if you're a guy and are looking for some clothes, don't bother-there isn't much. But if you love DIY, then you'll love the CAINZ store. It's huge and has tons of stuff at pretty good prices. Now, all I need is a house to fix up or at least a workshop to fart around in. (no, that doesn't mean I like farting...ha ha!)

I'm off to Iwakuni for a race today. I hope my back holds out...

Have a nice Greenery Day!

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