Better clean out your closet...or not

Good morning everyone,

Did you get caught in the rain yesterday? No? Me neither. In fact, it was sunny and warm all day. How could they get the forecast so wrong? Let's hope they're not wrong about the next two days because they are saying it's going to be sunny and nice and then rain will roll in on Tuesday before turning nice again from Wednesday.

Sorry...yesterday's story was a bit heavy-the topic, the vocabulary and the length were all a bit hard, eh? Let's see if we can find something a bit lighter and easier for today. No one wants to get tired reading my blog on a Sunday, right? Ha ha!

How about this one? Did you hear about a family in Hiroshima that decided to spend the Golden Week holiday by doing a little spring cleaning in the late morning of 3 May. However, what started out as a tedious chore turned into a pretty scary situation as an unexploded bomb from World War II was found in one of the home’s closets.

Despite their age dating back about 70 years, these undetonated weapons can still go off and should not be touched, even in the slightest, unless by a trained professional. So, these holiday house-cleaners did the right thing and called the fire department, who sent word to the Ground Self-Defense Force 13th Division.

When the GSDF arrived they blocked off all surrounding traffic and carefully removed the weapon so that it could be safely exploded elsewhere. The projectile was said to be 27 centimeters long and 90 millimeters in diameter, weighing in at eight kilograms.

The shell was Japanese-made, but how it ended up in the closet of this particular house is unclear.

The bomb was discovered in a house in the residential area of Ujina, about 4 kilometers south of JR Hiroshima Station. Firefighters requested people who lived nearby to evacuate their homes and the bomb was successfully cleared by the afternoon.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident, but it serves as a reminder that you'd better not let things pile up in your closet...who knows what could be underneath it all...I doubt there's a bomb in mine, although my mother would often say that my room 'looks like a bomb went off in it' when I was a teenager.

Of course, there's another lesson to be learnt here...don't do any housecleaning during the holidays-go enjoy yourself instead. And that's what I'll be doing today. I might go by LECT again...there are a few restaurants I'd like to try out.

Have a great day!

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