Mini Sake festival

Good morning everyone,

Overall, the nice weather is looking like it's going to continue all through this week. Today and tomorrow will be a bit cooler with a high of 23C expected both days and then we'll see highs in the high 20s for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Skies will be a mix of sun and clouds all week with no rain in the forecast as of right now.

Are you a sake fan? But you don't feel like going all the way to Saijo? Or maybe you can't wait till October? Either way, you're in luck...because there's one downtown and it's coming soon!

Nihonshu Sansan Downtown Sake Festival-May 24 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This sake festival, organised by Yagenbori liquor store Yamatoya, is one of the more popular events of the year.

It is far more compact than the annual sake festival in Saijo, and the 30 or so boutique brewers bring nothing less than their top varieties, it is an excellent opportunity to try 100 or so of the best sakes in the country, poured by the people who take such care in making it. There is a really relaxed atmosphere, especially after everyone has sampled a few brews. Giveaways and music too.

Advance: ¥1500 sampler ticket (includes ceramic sake cup and a free bottle of water to take the edge off).
On the day: ¥1000 sampler ticket (includes a plastic cup and no water).
¥500 'I want a little more' tickets also available on the day.

You can purchase advance tickets at Yamato-ya or online.

If you're wondering if you'll have a chance to see me there, you'll be disappointed. I'm a beer guy. If they hold a beer festival at Alice Garden, then you might see me there. Otherwise, I'll leave Alice Garden to the teens who are treading back and forth between Parco/Hondori and Don Quixote...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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