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On May 23, 1946, the first-ever kissing scene in a movie was screened in Japan, and in commemoration of the event, the day is now referred to as “Kiss Day” in Japan. So what better way to mark the occasion than with a look at what women think constitutes a perfect kiss?

NTT SOLMARE Corporation, whose main business is in e-books and dating sim game services, recently conducted a survey amongst 4,384 of their digital comic book members to find out more about their views on kissing and romance.

Interestingly, opinions about kissing differed between male and female respondents, so let’s get to it and see what they had to say below.

“Do you like kissing?”

The survey began by finding out the basics, and with 79.5% of respondents saying they liked kissing, it’s safe to say that we’re dealing mostly with people who have nothing against a good smooch.

“Have you ever kissed someone before being in a steady relationship with them?”

For females, the responses were almost evenly split between women who have kissed someone before going out with them (51.8%) and those who haven’t (48.2%). For men, the response was different, with more males not kissing someone before dating them (58%). According to the company conducting the survey, this shows that women may have a more casual approach to kissing, but it might also indicate a more cautious approach by men.

 Women in pink and men in blue, with “yes” answers on top and “no answers on bottom.


“Please tell us your ideal kissing situation”

When it comes to ideal kiss scenarios, there were some clear favourites, so let’s look at the top four responses.

4. While being cuddled from behind (11.2% women/3.3% men)

There are some common romantic tropes in manga and movies that are known for being extra dreamy, like the kabe-don wall pound. Another popular scenario is when the man stands behind the object of his desire, draping his arms around her shoulders or waist and holding her tight. According to women, adding a kiss to this situation comes in at number four on the list of ideal kisses, but for men this scenario was not as popular.

3. A farewell kiss (14% women/22% men)

This is one of the most common times to sneak in a quick smooch to let someone know you’re interested in them. At number three on the list for women and number two on the list for men, this is a popular ideal scenario for both sexes.

2. In a place with nobody but the two of you, e.g. a car or elevator (19.9% women/29.3% men)

When there’s nobody else around, the palpable “will they or won’t they kiss me” tension is one that sets hearts aflutter across both sexes. While this scenario came in at number two for women, this was the most popular choice for men.

1. Being kissed unexpectedly (32.5% women/20.7% men)

And at the top of the list for women is the scenario where they’re kissed suddenly and unexpectedly. Another movie scene-type situation, this is the most popular choice for women, but for men, this was third on the list.

So if you’re looking to make a move before dating, or if you want to make your partner swoon, you might want to recreate one of these scenarios before puckering up. And while being kissed unexpectedly might be at the top of the list of ideal situations for women, you might want to be pretty certain she’s into you before attempting it, or else your romantic scenario might result in a slap to the face.

How about you? What's your ideal kiss scenario?

Have a great day!

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