The slightly smaller Grand Big Mac, still larger than McDonald’s signature burger, is also part of the encore appearance.

And after that burger...if I have any space, I'll be having one of these...

...a Morinaga Milk Caramel-flavored McFlurry dessert!

The new “McFlurry Morinaga Milk Caramel” now on sale at McDonald’s across Japan combines a rich soft serve ice cream with a caramel sauce designed to recreate the flavor of Morinaga’s milk caramels, topped with crunchy caramel bits for texture. The sauce apparently contains a hint of salt, sure to make for a delightful contrast with caramel sweetness .

Looks like a healthy lunch, right? Well, once a year shouldn't be a problem, should it? Right? I hope not, because I'm having it regardless.

Have a great day!