Eki City-it's worth checking out at least once

Good morning everyone,

Today and tomorrow are looking great and then we can expect some rain on Wednesday. It'll clear up on Thursday and remain nice till the weekend. It's also going to be cool Wednesday and Thursday before warming up again in time for the weekend.

Have you been to Eki City yet? Or do you even know what the heck it is?

It's the building on the south side of the station just in front of the streetcar terminal. It opened about a month ago, but I didn't have a chance to go check it out then...plus, this is Hiroshima so I'm sure it must have been really crowded-for those of you who don't know, Hiroshima people go crazy for new things and then forget about them after about 6 months...ha ha!

I finally went yesterday and found out what it was like. It was...interesting. It's pretty hard to describe actually. It calls itself an 'entertainment spot' and that's pretty much what it is. The first two floors are full of books, electronics and artsy stuff that are all pretty neat and interesting, but it wasn't exactly easy to buy anything. I saw lots of people drinking Starbucks and there were lots of rubber-neckers (including me), but I didn't see anyone actually buying anything...oh...except at the convenience store, but only because I was there about an hour before the Carp game started and people were stocking up for the game.

So, is it worth going to check out. Yes, definitely. It's got a nice atmosphere and there are so many unique things to check out. You may even end up buying something. It looks like the kind of place you can pick up fun things as presents for your friends and colleagues...like a stylish 'Tokyu Hands'...ha ha!

What I really want to do is try the food...there were two shops that had long lines (it was a Sunday, so going on a weekday might be a better idea) that I want to check out in the future. One was a burger shop called 'Nick Stock', it looks great! And next to it is a steak shop that sells 'steak cutlets'. The line for that place was crazy! It must be good, right? Or it might be just because it's new and interesting...I don't care. Either way, I want to try them both...but definitely on a weekday.

For today, it's an exciting laundry and housework day...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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