I found something to go with my Giga Mac and McFlurry...

Good morning everyone,

Well, they're getting more and more certain about us having rain on Sunday (I guess that means that it'll be a cleaning day for me), but we can enjoy nice weather before then and even Monday and Tuesday aren't looking too bad...it is rainy season after all..

McDonald’s is continually tantalising our taste buds in Japan with a never-ending array of exclusive limited-time menu items, and what they have in store for us this season is so good-looking it has us looking forward to the sweltering heat of a Japanese summer’s day.

The new range of yoghurt smoothies and yoghurt drinks on offer come in two beautiful shades and flavours. The Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie combines a slightly sweet strawberry sauce with a tart yoghurt, and tops it off with whipped cream, fruit granola, and a fresh, pulp-filled strawberry topping.

The Green Apple Yoghurt Smoothie blends green apple syrup with yoghurt to create a rich, full-bodied drink that’s crisp and refreshing. The crunchy granola topping can either be enjoyed on its own or blended through the drink for a more textured finish.

Both smoothies are available in a medium size for 460 yen or a large size for 500 yen.

The same ingredients have also been incorporated into lighter-bodied beverages, including the Strawberry Yoghurt Drink and the Green Apple Yoghurt Drink.

Both yoghurt drinks come in a medium size for 390 yen or a large size for 430 yen. The new range of limited-edition beverages will be available at McDonald’s outlets across Japan until the beginning of July, so grab one while you can as the weather heats up.

I wonder if because they're based on fruit and made of yogurt that they'll be healthier...hmmm..probably not, but if I'm going for a Giga Mac and a McFlurry, I can't really complain, can I? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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