Eat healthy this summer with these foods.

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It's looking like we'll see some rain this afternoon and then it's going to continue off and on (or on and off) for the next couple of days. The next time we can see the sun is maybe Tuesday...

So, I know we are blessed with a ton of great foods for summer in Japan (although I have no idea why eel counts as one of them...ha ha!). However, here are some that you may not think of when it comes to good choices for the summer.

1. Cherries

Picked for their health benefits, these tasty summer superfoods do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. Cherries are loaded with resveratrol, an antioxidant that packs some serious body-transforming powers. Researchers at Washington State University found that mice given high doses of resveratrol were able to convert the excess white fat on their bodies into brown fat, which can increase metabolism and help you burn more calories, and researchers at the University of Georgia, Athens, have found that resveratrol supplementation also reduced weight gain and bone demineralization.

2. Portobello Mushrooms

Bye-bye, burgers! This summer, the hottest choice for grillers is the portobello mushroom. A flavorful, low-fat substitute for meat that pairs well with heart-healthy ingredients like garlic and olive oil, the portobello is as good for your taste buds as it is for your waistline. Researchers at the University of Buffalo’s Department of Nutrition Science have found portobello mushrooms effective at stabilizing  blood sugar and minimizing insulin spikes, staving off cravings and keeping those unwanted pounds at bay. Need more inspiration for your next cookout?

3. Cucumbers

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