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Good morning everyone,

If you want to know the weather for today and tomorrow, check yesterday's's exactly the and humid with sun and clouds...and you can pretty much assume it's going to be like that for another week or two before rainy season ends...if I recall correctly, it usually ends with more rain than it begins with.

Originally, we tend to think of a 'hustler' as someone who is trying to trick you out of your hard-earned money. But these days, back home a lot of people have side hustles. Any idea what they are? Basically, they're ways of making money besides your main income (from full-time work) or as your main source of income (for unemployed or retirees).

Side hustles aren't really an option here in Japan, because most companies have strict rules about having work outside their full-time job. That might be changing though with the large number of people working part-time and the even larger number of people who are retired but still healthy.

So, what kind of things do people do as side-hustles?

Well, it's as limited as your can rent out a spare room, bake, blog (although, I haven't made any money off of my blog yet...ha ha!) or...well...just type in 'side hustle' in Google and you'll see lists and lists of them!

Hmmm...wonder what I can do? I'm still young(ish) and healthy. Maybe I could get a side-hustle helping widows who are living alone carry their groceries or rearrange their furniture? What do you think?

How about you? Have you got any skills that you could turn into a side-hustle? Like a part-time English teacher...

Have a great day!

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