What sort of bread are you?

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Are you a croissant or a bagel… this personality test will sort you into a category of bread. Ok...so maybe
not – but now there’s a new personality test doing the rounds that will tell you whether you’re more of a croissant or a bagel in terms of your persona.

Probably not – but now you can find out with this quirky and fun quiz is currently sweeping Twitter and identifies what type of bread you are based on idiosyncratic traits.

bread test

The personality test, which has now been shared at least thousands of times, is made up of nine types of bread - which each have three unusual human traits attributed to them.

French bread folk are always cold, can sleep for 12 hours straight and love a bit of tequila.

Meanwhile if you miss your mum, love the playing The Sims and are 'bullshitting' your way through adulthood, then you're totally a bagel.

Pita bread people love to travel, brag about their virtual cats and have a great arse.

If you love Gwen Stefani, have a fabulous hair style, and know all the words to the songs in Disney film High School Musical, then you're Challah.

If you have a long-term partner, own a hamster, and are “hot AF and know it” you’re a roll.

And if you have a penchant for packet macaroni cheese, call trainers 'tennis shoes', and are a good speller, then you're white bread.

The personality test was uploaded to Twitter by 18-year-old Floridian Kelly Blaus - who has now been swamped with notifications since it went viral in the US and the UK yesterday.

Above the picture, she wrote: “I'm so croissant it's not even funny. What are y'all?”

I'm like one of those new fusion breads...I'm half-bagel and half-croissant...ha ha! So, which bread are you?

Have a great day!

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