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It's still going to be hot and humid all week, but at least they are no longer saying it's going to be around 34C or 35C on the weekend...only 33C...only(?)...ha ha! I had a quick look at the typhoons that are forming near Japan at the moment and I'm no meteorologist, but doesn't it look like Typhoons #5 and #9 are going to meet up somewhere around here at about the same time?

From August 1, the world’s first “karaoke entertainment Ferris wheel” will begin operations in Tokyo.

The Ferris wheel itself has been in existence for over a decade at Tokyo Dome City, an extensive amusement complex in Tokyo’s Bunjyo Ward. 60 meters (200 feet) in diameter, the Big O, as the Ferris wheel is called, was registered as the world’s largest centerless Ferris wheel by the Guinness World Records in 2006. Tokyo’s largest roller coaster, which is also in the park, passes through the center of the Big O.

Now, in collaboration with Tokyo-based karaoke company JOYSOUND, eight of the Ferris wheel’s 40 gondolas will offer karaoke services with a lineup of 50 songs, including songs by artists performing at the Tokyo Dome, current hits, and anime theme songs.

For 820 yen per person, you and up to three others can sing your hearts out while overlooking a fantastic view of the city for a full rotation of the wheel, which lasts about 15 minutes. It's true that standard karaoke prices are a bit cheaper, just keep in mind that you’re enjoying two attractions in one, and that the Big O will offer you sights you won’t get from a standard karaoke room. If you’re planning on spending an extended time at Tokyo Dome City, for a better deal you can opt for the one day pass or the Ride 5 ticket, which will get you rides on five Tokyo Dome City attractions for 2,600 yen.

Do you think there's any chance the ferris wheel at Marina Hop will offer karaoke any time in the near future?

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