Good morning everyone,

The rain should pass early this morning and we're looking at hot, summery weather for the beginning of the week. The end of the week will see clouds and a chance of rain, but hopefully not too heavy. I don't want to race in the rain on Sunday...

Tonight, if you're free, you can head to Miyajima and check out Hiroshima’s most well known fireworks festival. 5000 fireworks explode over the sea silhouetting Itsukushima Shrine’s O-torii.

It's definitely worth seeing, but expect huge crowds (over 400,000 people showed up last year) and you should get there early to avoid a fight for the prime viewing spots.

For those relying on the train, a good tip for the return trip on the way back to Hiroshima is to take the first train heading in the opoosite direction (Iwakuni bound) one stop so you can grab a seat on the next Hiroshima bound train.

It's weird that it's so late this year. I'd heard that it was moved from obon to avoid interfering with people who wanted to visit their family graves but couldn't because of the traffic and crowds. This year, it's been moved even later in August-apparently to avoid conflicting with another festival, but it seems like there might be another reason because both Akitakata and Takehara are both having firework festivals tonight as well. If you really want to check out some fireworks, but don't feel like fighting huge crowds, you might want to check one of them out...

All of the fireworks displays will go ahead in light rain, but in the event of stormy weather will be postponed until the following weekend.

If you go, take pictures for me because there is no way in heck I'll be going...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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