Kanekoya at LECT

Good morning everyone,

Well, it looks like we're going to have more summer-like weather this week with sunny skies and daytime highs between 30C and 33C. Which means that all I'm expecting from my race on Sunday is to not faint from heat exhaustion...

I went to LECT yesterday. It was the first time I'd been in a couple of months and while it's not as crazily busy as it was when it first opened, it's still pretty busy. You can get a coffee now without having to wait for 15minutes on a weekday, but during lunchtime or on weekends, there are still lines and waiting times.

Yesterday I finally got to try  the tempura at 金子屋 (which I assume is pronounced kanekoya, but I'm not sure). I was there at around 1:45 and there was no line, but there was a 15 minute wait that the staff warned me about when I was ordering. I decided to suck it up and wait because who knows when I would be back at LECT again. (There's nothing really there for me-it's full of women's bag shops and cute knick knacks for the home-I'm clearly not their target market...ha ha!) The only thing that would compel me to go to LECT would be if I wanted to kill time window shopping when it's too hot/cold/wet/snowy to go outside (like yesterday) or if I needed something from Cainz.

So, it was pretty good. The sauce is the best part. But the tempura is cooked perfectly as well and it was my first time ever to have a soft-boiled egg as tempura. Have you ever tried it? It's great!

I don't know if it's worth the Y900 I paid for it, and it certainly would not have been worth standing in line for an hour for-which is what some people do on the weekends.

I was told that the Thai restaurant there is good, so I'll give it a try next time I go...probably in January...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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