First race of the a training day or torture?

Good morning everyone,

Today and tomorrow are looking sunny and cool (well, cool in the morning and evening anyway). Clouds will roll in Tuesday and we may see rain Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Highs all week will hover around 30C with overnight lows somewhere around 20C.

So, I'm off to my first run of the season today. It's called, "The Hijiriko Marathon" and it's in Kita Hiroshima-cho, but it's practically in Shimane. The area is Yahata-kogen and the race starts at 191 Ski Resort.

I'm no master detective, but I'm going to assume that the name of the ski resort has something to do with the highway...(Highway 191 is basically the only way to get to the area from Hiroshima). If I remember correctly, it's about a 2-hour drive from Hiroshima City to the ski area. We'll park the car at the ski resort and then kill time just hanging out or taking a short walk around the shops that are set up  selling local foods or some 'yattai' selling fried chicken or other junk food.

I'm thinking that I'll hold off on eating any junk food until after the race. I'm already worried about it without adding anything else to think about.

It's the first race of the year-which is traditionally a slow race for me. Add to that the fact that this summer was particularly hot so I couldn't train as much as usual.

Not to mention that I had actually forgotten all about this race until I got the postcard about 10 days ago...ha ha! And, of course, I'm one year older...

Yeah...I'm thinking that it's not going to be a very good result today...I'm going to consider myself lucky to finish the race without having to stop and take a break. And I'll be absolutely stoked if I can finish it in under 50 minutes. If I don't break the 50-minute mark, I won't be disappointed. However, if I can't break the 60-minute mark, I may retire from running on the spot.

I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

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