Lesson learned

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like we'll see rain as soon as tomorrow and that it'll continue through Wednesday and Thursday. It should clear up by the end of the week though and we can probably expect a nice sunny weekend. Highs all week will be around 30C.

So, I ran the 10km race in Yawata Highlands, KitaHiroshima-cho yesterday.

I guess you could say that it went as expected...and by that, I mean it went horribly.

It was way too hot and I'm still out of shape...I need to lose about 3kgs before I can seriously try to run 10km in 45 mins or so...

I started the race slow on purpose but even still I was struggling through the first 3 clicks (click=km) and wondered if I'd even be able to finish the race. I settled into my pace around the halfway mark and happily the last three kilometres were faster than the first three.

I was running so slow in the middle though-I was passed by at least 2-3 old ladies, a guy with a cane and a turtle...ha ha!

Seriously though, it was my most disappointing race in ages. I've got to get out and train more...but starting tomorrow. Not because I'm lazy or hungover, but because I've got a bad sunburn. Can you imagine getting a sunburn in September? I can't...or I couldn't, because I sure can now...ha ha!

I've got 6 weeks to get in shape for my next race! Never give up!

Have a great day!

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