Get ready to pay more for shipping things in Japan...

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Yesterday's rain wasn't too bad-I did get rained on on my way to Ujina, but I was prepared, so it was no big deal. They are calling for rain overnight tonight and for most of tomorrow. Today and tomorrow will both see highs of 28C or 29C. From Friday it'll clear up and we can expect mostly sunny weather and highs in the low 30s for the weekend and into next week.

Japan Post Co. said Tuesday it will raise basic shipping fees for its door-to-door parcel delivery service by an average of 12% from next March as labor costs continue to climb due to a courier shortage.

The mail and package delivery unit of state-owned Japan Post Holdings Co. will hike fees by ¥110 to ¥230 for deliveries across the country excluding Okinawa and ¥40 to ¥290 for packages to and from the southern island prefecture from March 1. The company already raised its rates 2 years ago-August 2015, but it's raising them again already.

Japan Post President Kunio Yokoyama said at a news conference the higher fees are needed to prevent overwork and underpayment. The rate hike is expected to lift the company’s revenue by ¥8 billion ($73 million) annually. Although, how raising fees prevents overwork is a mystery to me...unless he meant to say that the company will use the extra revenue to hire more workers...

Japan Post is the last among the country’s three major delivery firms to decide on an increase in shipping fees after Yamato Holdings Co. and Sagawa Express Co.

Japan’s courier industry is facing severe labor shortages as the demand for delivery of products purchased online has soared.

Yamato Holdings will raise shipping fees by ¥140 to ¥180 depending on the size of the package from Oct. 1, while Sagawa Express will hike delivery rates by ¥60 to ¥230 from Nov. 21.

I wonder how all of those companies who promise 'free shipping' will deal with this? If it just means higher prices for online products as the companies pass the cost of delivery on to the customers, I wonder if more and more people will start shopping at 'brick and mortar' stores again. What do you think?

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