Korean kalbi and cheese? Sounds good to me!

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There’s been a huge boom in Korean culture in Japan in recent years, especially for the food – and cheese dak-galbi is a standout star, with scores of Internet results dedicated to recipes and gourmet reviews.

Convenience store 7-Eleven has taken this hot tip from food trends as an inspiration for their latest product: a trusty burrito, filled with all the characteristic melted cheese wrapped up in a soft tortilla – but with the added hint of spice brought in by the dak-galbi chicken and its definitive sauce.

▼ The burrito retails for 280 yen, a full 50-yen more expensive than the standard 7-Eleven ham and cheese burrito.

According to the packaging, the burrito uses Gochujang paste (a sweet, savory chili paste made from fermented red beans) as its base for their specialty spicy sauce, and then two kinds of melted cheese and meaty chicken pieces are rolled up inside of it.The Gochujang paste, chicken and cheese are the core ingredients for cheese dak-galbi, so 7-Eleven is ticking all the right boxes to keep Nagahashi happy!

 Pop it into the microwave, and away we go! When it emerges, piping hot and glistening with melted cheese, the aromatic tortilla pairs with the rich cheese and mild spice of the sauce to create an explosion of flavor. This is a shot of junk food so tasty you won’t want to miss it!

While the spice isn’t overwhelming, the density of the flavor means you’ll need plenty of drinks on hand to wash this decadent wrap down – and seeing how it’s summer, that shouldn’t be a problem! In fact, this would go down great with a beer, some salted peanuts and a nice salad on the side. With chicken chunks down to the last bite of tortilla, the experience will leave you utterly satisfied.

In short, if you’re already a burrito junkie this new offering from 7-Eleven is a great quick fix. Go out and grab one today! And take a moment to check out their frozen treats section, too. You might need it after all that spice! I recommend the Crème Brulee ice bar. It's less than 100kcal and tastes great! (I don't get paid by 7-Eleven, it just happens to be my favorite convenience store, so I know what it sells better than other convenience stores). How about you? Have you got a favorite food from a convenience store?

Have a great day!

Have a great day!

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