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Good morning everyone,

They're saying the rain will continue for most of today and into tomorrow and then we'll see cloudy weather for the weekend with temperatures remaining in the low 30s. It's still hot, but it's got to be better than 38C, right?
I'm not sure if I've written about beer shandys before or not. But I have to say that they're the perfect cure for summertime heat. Basically, it's a beer cocktail that's half beer and half...well, whatever soda takes your fancy. My two favorites are Sprite or Ginger Ale (of course, Canada Dry).
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They are just sweet enough to take away some of the bitterness of the beer without being so sweet as to overpower the beer taste. If you prefer your beer a bit sweeter, I recommend Sprite whereas Canada Dry is a bit closer to beer in taste. And the best part is that you can mix in as little or as much of the pop as you like to make your beer weaker or stronger.

The other night I went out to a beer garden with some friends and drank these all night mixing about 50-50 between beer and Canada Dry and woke up the next day feeling fine-no hangover at all. I even went to the gym!

I've got another beer garden party this weekend and I'm hoping that I can have shandys at it too. How about you? What's your cocktail for beating the heat in summer?

Have a great day!

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