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Good morning everyone,

It looks like the rain yesterday was all we're going to get and today and the rest of the week is looking sunny and hot with daytime highs in the low to mid 30s. I know I should be happy because it's cooler than it has been, but I won't be happy till the daytime highs are between 25C and 28C. That's perfect summer weather if you ask me...

It’s been a hot and humid summer, prompting many fears about the safety of athletes and others at the 2020 Olympic Games that are now less than two years away.

On a more everyday level, however, how do you deal with bad odors? Wipes and deodorant can help when it comes to your body, as do frequently changes of clothing. But what about stinky shoes?

Fortunately, Panasonic is here to help.

The Shoe Deodorizer MS-DS100 is scheduled to come out in Japan in September.

It uses hydroxyl (OH) radicals-generating nanoe X ion technology (whatever the heck that means-but as long as it works, who cares, right?) to dissolve and eliminate odors in your footwear (sneakers, work shoes, pumps, and more).

panasonic shoe smell odor deodorizer MS-DS100

Slip the MS-DS100 into your shoes and let Panasonic’s ingenious technology deal with the buildup of isovaleric acid, the odorous substance produced by foot sweat and bacteria that is responsible for unpleasant shoe odors. The MS-DS100 generates and diffuses Nanoe X from six outlets to every corner of the shoes to tackle and remove odors in the entire interior of your footwear, right from the heels up to the toes.

It also looks pretty cool, like the device is “sucking” up the smell. After you’re done deodorizing, the MS-DS100 can be removed and easily washed with water.

panasonic shoe smell odor deodorizer MS-DS100

What do you think? I'm ok, my shoes don't smell. Well, they do...but it's more like roses than natto, which I can tell you is pretty common here in Hiroshima where woman wear boots even though it's 25C outside...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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