A couple more Haagen Dazs flavors!

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Häagen-Dazs Japan is forever pleasing our tastebuds with limited-edition varieties like Kuromitsu Kinako (one of my favorites so far) and Roasted Green Tea, and even local specials like ice cream sandwich milkshakes and pop-up cafes. Now, though, they’ve stepped things up a notch by announcing the release of a brand new series called Story Time, which takes its flavour inspirations from the world of popular fairytales.

First up in the range is “Snow White’s Apple with Custard“, which comes served in a deliciously red tub, complete with an image of the Queen’s Castle and the enchanted forest from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Once you pop off the lid you’ll find a layer of glossy red apple sauce, decorated with a white milk-flavoured heart decoration, as a nod to the love story between Snow White and the Prince. Beneath the top layer is a full-bodied mix of smooth custard ice cream and small apple pieces, which are said to replicate the texture of the real fruit, making it feel as though you’ve given in to temptation by eating the poisoned apple from the Queen.

While the Snow White ice cream is a rich tapestry of flavours based on the concept of love conquering evil, the next variety in the series has a somewhat lighter backstory and flavour profile. Called Alice’s Tea Garnished with Cookies, this ice cream transports you to the tea party from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with a pale blue label and a deck of cards pictured alongside a dainty cup of English tea.

Opening the lid on this one will reveal a top layer of white milk sauce, decorated with a cassis-flavoured heart shape as a nod to The Queen of Hearts. Beneath the top layer lies a fragrant Darjeeling-flavoured ice cream, mixed with mascarpone ice cream and rich butter cookie pieces.

Available at stores nationwide from October 2, each tub will retail for 324 yen. I'm looking forward to giving these two a try. Which one looks better, do you think?

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