Miyakojima Trip Part 2

Good morning everyone,

It looks like we're in for another hot, sunny day and then the clouds will roll in tomorrow and we may see some rain tomorrow depending on what path the typhoon takes.

To continue the trip to Miyakojima. Not much else happened while we were diving. It was really tough in some parts and other parts were a piece of cake. The hardest part for me was taking off my mask and putting it back on under water. The salty water just burned my eyes and they keep burning for about 25 or 30 minutes afterwards. Of course I couldn't rub them because I was underwater. I think they were red for about a day.

We all passed! And to celebrate we headed out to a traditional izakaya that had a live show as well. It was pretty much what you'd expect with people making requests and everyone standing up and dancing to the music. The show was about 30 minutes long, so it was fun without being too much.

The next day we rented bicycles and headed to a beach or two that were just out of walking distance from our hotel. We thought about renting a car, but everyone wanted to be able to have a beer with lunch, so we decided to stick with bicycles. It may not have been the best idea because we got caught in a squall on the way back and got absolutely drenched! I don't think my bag will ever be dry again! Ha ha! It was a fun memory though!

They recently opened a  Don Quijote near the airport and we checked it out for souvenirs, but they weren't any cheaper than anywhere else so we ended up just buying a t-shirt or two and heading back to the hotel (that's when we got soaked). Luckily, we'd already bought some beer and snacks so we spent the night in the hotel just drinking and eating and drying out.

The rest of the holiday was more relaxing with snorkelling (we saw a couple of sea turtles, tons of tropical fish and even a poisonous fish...I forget what it's called).

Miyakojima was amazing! The beaches were great and the weather was nice. If you're into water sports and don't care about shopping and only want to enjoy the beach and have some good food and beer at night, it's the place to go!

It's like you've left Japan without having to use your passport! Sometimes we even forgot we were still in Japan!

Have a great day!

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