If I needed a new watch, I'd get one of these...

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It's going to be cloudy all the way through till Tuesday according the weather forecast. It's not getting any cooler though as daytime highs will be in the low 30s all week.

Casio Computer Co Ltd has announced the release of new additions to its G-SQUAD lineup of watches for sports and fitness, which are part of the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches and the BABY-G brand of women’s shock-resistant watches. The new additions are the G-SHOCK GBD-800, available in four models, and the BABY-G BSA-B100, available in five models.

The new GBD-800 and BSA-B100 watches have a step counter and a timer that measures intervals for step tracking and workouts. The watches pair with a dedicated app that intuitively displays and tracks the step count on a graph and shows the calories burned. Users can also create custom workouts in the app.

The G-SHOCK GBD-800 features a digital display for optimum readability of step count and lap times. The model is designed for athletes who run or work out as part of their daily routine, with features such as a front button to record lap times. The watches come in a variety of vivid colors that can be fashionably coordinated with what the user is wearing.


The BABY-G BSA-B100 is the first BABY-G watch with Mobile Link functions, meeting the needs of health- and beauty-conscious women. Great for active women pursuing daily health, the watch can be set to deliver visual reminders with electric tones to encourage the user to get active when fewer steps are detected over a certain period of time, and the app can log exercise activities. 

The GBD-800 will be available on Sept 14, for 13,500 yen. The BSA-B100 is already on sale, for 15,500.

I don't know about you, but it seems like a pretty reasonable price for a watch that tracks your exercise and still looks fashionable. How about you? Tempting?

Have a great day!

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