NHK cutting its fees, but...

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This is good weather for running, isn't it? Actually, it's great for doing almost anything outside...well, except maybe sunbathing. I'm going to be getting out today for sure!

The head of NHK said Friday the Japanese public broadcaster aims to lower its subscription fees, possibly from fiscal 2019, after a government panel made it a condition for the company to start simultaneous online streaming of its television programs.

The move announced by NHK Chairman Ryoichi Ueda would affect most people in Japan as national law requires people who install a TV receiver to sign a subscription contract with NHK, also known as Japan Broadcasting Corp.

In July, a communications ministry panel gave the green light to NHK's simulcasting service, while stipulating in its report that reviews of subscription fees and business operation as well as coordination with commercial broadcasters are mandatory.

NHK intends to launch the new service in fiscal 2019.

The broadcaster is trying to position itself as "public media" and retain viewers who are leaving for unpaid or paid video streaming.

So, do you think this means that we'll be paying less? Don't count on it. The next announcement will be NHK asking everyone whose phone can stream tv to pay or everyone who has internet connection to pay. That way, you'll be paying 2-3 times as much as you are now.

I'm sorry, but I still can't believe that this system exists in the 21st century. They expect you to pay for a service whether you use it or not...that's like me delivering a pizza to your house and asking you pay even if you didn't order it. Does that sound fair? If they want financial support, just add it to our taxes and we'll save the government millions of yen in having to pay the guys who go around collecting fees.

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