Suddenly, I don't feel so old...

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It's going to be a wet, windy day out there. If you're heading out, take care. If you're looking for me outside, you'll be disappointed. I'm going to be sitting on my couch all day eating junk food and watching tv. Tomorrow may start out rainy as well, but hopefully it'll clear up later in the day.

The number of centenarians in Japan totaled 67,824 as of Friday, hitting a record high for the 47th consecutive year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said.
From a year earlier, the centenarian figure based on basic resident register data rose by 2,132, according to the ministry's report released before Respect for the Aged Day on Monday.

The number of people in the country aged 100 or higher, which stood at 153 in the first survey year of 1963, topped 10,000 in 1998. Since surpassing the 30,000 mark in 2007, the centenarian population has doubled in 10 years, the ministry said.

The latest survey also found that women's headcount increased 2,102 to account for 88 pct of the total. Men's number rose by 30.

There were 53.43 centenarians per 100,000 people nationwide. Among the country's 47 prefectures, Shimane logged the largest rate per 100,000, at 97.54, topping the list for five years in a row. Is this a good thing? I'm thinking it just means that there are no young people left in Shimane anymore...

How about you? Are you hoping to become one of Japan's centenarians some day? I'll pass. I'd rather be healthy and happy till my late 80s and then die in my sleep the day after my 90th birthday...

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Apps to make life in Toronto easier...we need these for Hiroshima

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While it hasn't started raining yet, they are calling for rain all day today and tomorrow along with strong winds tomorrow. I wonder if we'll get hit by a typhoon-since I've lived here, we've never been directly hit by one. Maybe tomorrow will be the first...

Living in Toronto can be a nightmare if you're not connected. Mobile apps currently manage the way The People Of The Six operate and in most instances, it's for the better. Everything from groceries to bike shares to private nap spaces have become more accessible and to make sure you're not stuck in a bubble, here are ten apps you need to cycle through on a daily basis.


If you're a busy body who barely has time to breathe, then Breather is a miracle. It's been a clutch app for students and business types because it helps you find and rent "spaces" by the hour, allowing you to power nap in peace or enjoy 60 minutes of uninterrupted bliss (with Wi-Fi included).

Amsterdam BrewHouse

Drink Owl

Drink Owl isn't any ordinary drinking app; it's one that will help you ignore everyone's obsession with taking selfies with craft beer. In one fell swoop, it scans your surroundings for drink specials and happy hours taking place in the city - giving you the scoop on The Lakeview's $3 mimosas and Thai Spring Roll's $3.75 Sapporo pints. In short, here's to never paying $5 for anything ever again.


Neighborhoods such as Cabbagetown and Kensington are overrun by grocery stores and due to their quantity over quality, it can be hard to keep track of who has what on sale. GroceryGo sifts through major grocery chains - including Metro, Loblaws, No Frills, Food Basics, and Sobeys - and provides side-by-side comparisons of items to show you which store currently has the best savings.

Just Eat

Pizza is always a great choice but change can be good and that's where Just Eat comes in. The online takeout service provides restaurants based on your postal code and even offers the option of paying ahead of time. The catch? Well there isn't one. Some restos hike up their prices by a dollar but the options make up for it as you can dig into pad thai, sushi, burgers, and nachos on any given night.

Bixi Bike Toronto

Ride The City

Cab drivers aside, riding your bike is one of the safest and cheapest ways to get around Downtown and Ride The City helps cyclists use that privilege. It pinpoints the locations of various rental shops and bike shares and utilizes the city's growing network of lanes to get you from Point A to Point B.


Similar to SportBuddy, an app that helps organize pick-up games and workout dates, Spot uses your location to alert you to news and activities that are taking place nearby. What makes the Toronto startup unique is it places a focus on student bodies and residences, presenting a "new standard for community chat" that's not limited to study groups and social bulletin boards.

Grilled Street Dogs

Street Food Toronto

You may think you want an app for doughnuts, but let's be honest: your heart really wants an app for street grub. Street Food Toronto fills that void as it helps users find food trucks in their area, noting when they'll be active, where they're going, and if you can dig into Beaver Tails on Saturday night.

TTC Streetcar

Transit App

If you're still stuck on trying to decide which public transit app is for you, then quit. The Transit App has become a unanimous frontrunner for all things navigation and compared to Rocketman and TTCWatch, it displays every nearby transit option - including Uber and bike shares. It also works in 84 other cities making it a convenient go-to when being a travel freak.

What do you think? Could we make any of these for Hiroshima?

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Are you busy on Oct 4th?

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It's looking like today will be mostly overcast and then we can expect rain for most of the day tomorrow and heavy rains and wind on Sunday as Typhoon Talim heads our way. At the moment it looks like it will pass south of us, but keep an eye on it as it could change direction. It's a strong typhoon so even if it does miss us, it could be a bit hazardous out there Sunday. With any luck, it'll pass by quickly.

Early fall is the time for “moon viewing” or kangetsu in Japan or is it otsukimi? I don't know what the difference is, but suffice to say that you can spend a nice evening enjoying the view of the moon, no matter what you want to call it...ha ha!

Since ancient times, Japanese people have admired the beauty of the moon. It appears in many traditional Japanese poems or fairy tales. People also celebrate the fall harvest at this time.

This event usually takes place on “Jugoya”, which is also called “Chushu no Meigetsu”, refers to the night of 15th day of August on the ancient calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it refers to the duration between the middle of September and the beginning of October and it depends on the year. These year, it falls on October 4th.

These festivals take place in many places such as parks, buildings, towers, temples or shrines in Japan. So, you can have many choices to enjoy this traditional event.

A moon viewing tea ceremony is held in Shukkei-en Garden annually at this time.

  • ¥800 for the (more formal) tea ceremony in a tea house (honseki)
  • ¥600 to take tea in the gardens (nodate)

The garden admission fee is also required (adults ¥260) or combine your visit with a visit to the adjacent Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum for a discounted entry.

Sound tempting? Save a seat for me!

Have a great day!

Got a Waffle Iron at home that you don't know what to do with?

Good morning everyone,

With Typhoon 18 on the way and the weatherman not really sure exactly where it's going or how long it's going to take to get there, they are now saying that we can expect rain starting tomorrow evening and continuing all the way through Monday. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit sceptical about that forecast. I've never seen it rain for 4 days in a row here due to a typhoon. I'm guessing they are just predicting that to cover themselves no matter what happens...I'll just keep an eye on it decide for myself how much I need to be ready for rain or not...

Well, to get to my story, first and foremost...if you've got a waffle iron at home that you don't know what to do with, you should give it to your favorite English teacher!

But if you're not in the giving mood...have you ever tried making an omelet in it? Yeah, think about it. It works the same way and it's way healthier than a waffle-it's got protein, vegies and...well, whatever else you want to put in it.

And it's easier to clean up than a regular frypan too (only one pan to clean)!
 Now all I need is someone to bring me a waffle iron, some eggs, sweet peppers, ham (or bacon) and some shredded cheese. Oh...and a coffee...oh yeah, and toast. I'll need toast to go with my omelet. I think that's it. If I've got all that stuff, I'll never need to leave the house again! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

Talking like a highschool girl

Good morning everyone,

It looks like we can expect mostly nice weather to last through the week-all the way till Sunday when we may see some rain again. Highs all week will continue to remain around 30C.

When it comes to setting trends in Japan, Japanese schoolgirls have been leading the way for years, creating a boom in demand for mobile messaging and photo sharing apps like Line and Snow, and even inventing their own vocabulary of hip slang words to communicate with while using them.

With the new slang frequently popping up in everyday conversations, if you’re not a Japanese student, chances are you won’t understand half of what’s being said around the schoolyard these days, I'm here to give you a lesson in schoolgirl talk.

Some of the JK terms used include “Ma?“, which stems from the phrase “Maji de?” which translates to “Seriously?” and “Maji Man“, which adds the abbreviation for “Manji” – the counter clockwise or left-facing swastika symbol (卍) commonly seen at Japanese temples – on the end.

School students use the word “manji” or “man” in a number of different ways: it can be used to describe someone who’s naughty and mischievous, in a sentence like “Ano hito manji da yo ne” (“That guy’s a manji”), or used as an exclamation, when shouted out like “Manji!!!“.

The phrase “Maji Man!” is translated as “Shinjerarenai!” or “I can’t believe it!“, as the “man” exclamation at the end adds extra emphasis to the disbelief inherent in the word “Seriously?”

Not only are kids using the left-facing manji swastika in conversation and in text messages, they’re also using it when posing for photographs, with people positioning their arms and legs to resemble the manji symbol.

The same sense of exclamation and excitement is expressed with the pose, which many believe got its start from the wild movements of Sabotender/Cactuar and Jabotender/Giant Cactaur from the Final Fantasy video game series.Another slang word used in the clip is “Staren”, which comes from “Stamp Renda”, meaning “Stamp Barrage”, and “Stabaku”, which is an abbreviation of “Stamp Bakuhatsu” or “Stamp Explosion“.

Other notable JK vocabulary used frequently in messaging includes:

Ometan = Tanjoubi Omedetou = Happy Birthday

Ri = Ryoukai = Understood/Roger

Ten Age = Tension Agaru = Amp up the tension/Get excited

Amore = I love you

NHK = Ni no ude, Hippate, Kiss = Upper arm, Pull in, Kiss

Imifu = Imi Fumei = ambiguous/cryptic

Wanchan = One chance

According to a survey conducted by Line, more than 80 percent of teenage users understood the expressions “Imifu” and “Wanchan“, closely followed by “Manji” (卍) “Ten Age” and “Staren“, suggesting these are the most commonly used terms amongst high school students.

There is also a new phrase, “Wanchan Wandoki“, which translates to “One Chance One Fast Beat (of the heart)“, and refers to the way your heart pounds when you receive a “Wankiri” or “One-ring” on the phone from your crush. One-ring is usually performed when exchanging numbers for the first time so you can register the new number on your phone.

So next time you want to prove you’re cool at school, don’t forget to wish your friends “Ometan” and create some “Ten Age” with “Staren” text messages. Chances are you might receive an “Imifu” in reponse, though, so if you really want to brush up on the lingo, check out the top 10 buzzwords used by Japanese high school girls in 2016 that I wrote about last year...just don't ask me which day.

Have a great day!